Sundown Acrylics
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The Sundown awning fabric collection provides incomparable natural protection from the heat and the sun. This collection is vibrant, intense and filled with coolness and luminosity.

Sundown fabric protects the whole family, providing genuine protection from glare and heat, while adding color and style wherever you choose to use it.

Covin Sales and Converting is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Sundown-100% solution dyed acrylics. Our Sundown fabric is manufactured in Spain by Sauleda. Sundown is mainly used for awnings, boat covers, patio umbrellas, and other outdoor applications where you need a product that will withstand the sun’s rays for a long period of time.

There are many other similar acrylics out on the market, so why use Sundown?

  • Over 69 solid colors in both 47″ and 60″ widths (unique colors found only in this line)
  • Also offering a new width of 78″ in select colors!
  • Over 100 different stripe patterns, some of the colors and patterns are found only in this line
  • Many colors match up to the acrylic colors you may already be using
  • The Sundown fabric has the tightest weave of any acrylic on the market
  • Weight – 9.25 oz. per square yard
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • It has a “beefier” hand which makes it easier to sew because it doesn’t pucker when you’re sewing it
  • A proven product that has been manufactured for the last 45 years
  • If that doesn’t convince you wait till you hear how much you’ll save



Duo is the new luxury acrylic fabric line that combines elegance with the latest technological breakthroughs. Duo gives the highest performance in marine applications, and is the perfect solution for protecting boats.

Specially designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, it has a natural appearance, an agreeable texture, elegance, design, is lightweight and provides thermal comfort in any type of boat.

Duo is a combination of two excellent materials, solution dyed acrylic and PVC, with the result being a reversible technical fabric with two sides. It is made at the new Sauleda plant, in all cases using raw materials of the highest quality.

Its modern finish gives it great qualities and an excellent relationship with marine environments, with outstanding results: durability, high UV resistance, excellent colorfastness and 100% waterproof. In addition, it eliminates condensation, incorporates a special anti-fungal treatment for marine environments and is lightweight and easy to handle. Thanks to its special surface treatment, which allows it to dry quickly, it is extremely easy to maintain.

Color Selection

Solution Dyed Polyester

This is great fabric for any outdoor application where you need the added protection of color retention for an extended period, while giving you a virtually waterproof fabric.

Applications range from boat covers, barbacue grill covers, patio covers, outdoor furnuiture covers, as well as any other outdoor application you can come up with.

  • 600d solution dyed polyester yarn
  • UV Stabilized for lasting color outdoors
  • Polyurethane coating on back for added protection from the elements
  • 60″ width, 60 yard rolls
Phifer Mesh

Phifertex Standard Mesh

  • High UV resistance for outdoor applications
  • 100% woven vinyl coated polyester
  • 11 oz. per square yard
  • About 15-20% openness factor
  • 54″ width

Phifertex Plus

  • High UV resistance for outdoor applications
  • 100% woven vinyl coated polyester
  • 16 oz. per square yard
  • About 7.5% openness factor
  • 54″ width
Tuff Mesh Plus
60″ Fire Retardant Vinyl Coated Mesh

shade structures
drop shades
bimini tops

  • 14 oz / sq yd weight
  • 17 x 11, 1000 Denier

Grab Tensile………………..390 x 290 lbs.
ASTM D-751

Strip Tensile………………….290 x 210 lbs. / in.
ASTM D-751, Procedure B

Tongue Tear………………..40 x 45 lbs.
ASTM D-751, 8×10 Specimen @ 12 in. / min.

Low Temperature………..-40 F
ASTM D-2136

UV Resistance………………1200 hours

65% openess factor

Flame Resistance………… Passes NFPA701 & CA Fire Marshall Title 19

Available in black, white, yellow, red, and royal blue.


Marine Binding

  • 3/4″ and 1″ Double Fold Straight Cut Binding
  • Available in black, real blue, forest, admiral navy, gray, burgundy and white. More colors to come.


  • Poplypropelyene Webbing in 1″, 1.5″, and 2″ widths in black

HeliosP PTFE Thread

Coats Helios P is a high performance sewing thread, made from 100% polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), offering excellent chemical, heat and UV-resistance. Coats Helios P is suitable for use in the production of outdoor goods like awnings, boat covers, etc. which are exposed to the harsh environment (ultraviolet rays, rain, salt water etc.). Coats Helios P unique properties also make it an excellent solution for demanding filtration applications.

Coats Helios P has been designed with strength in mind. It is the strongest PTFE sewing thread made to date meaning that finer ticket sizes can be used to reduce overall cost.

Main Uses
Boat tops
Sunshades and canopies
Outdoor furniture
Outdoor goods
Demanding filtration products

Features & Benefits
Coats Helios P is guaranteed to totally inert against chemical attack
It is guaranteed to totally be resistant to degradation by UV.
Coats Helios P has high tenacity and has excellent sewing performance
Thread fibers make this product last longer that any other thread out there.

  • Available in 3 weights: 150 denier, 200 denier, & 250 denier
  • Available in black, white and clear
  • Ready made prewound bobbins are also available
  • Lifetime warranty